It’s an absolutely appalling rumour and has no foundation whatsoever, In fact, he’s sitting across the table happily eating his dinner as we speak.

It is a bit chilly out this morning. But sunny so far, so its all good, plus, I suppose it is really and truly Autumn now, so I can’t complain. I know, I know, talking about the weather, not exactly a gripping start to a post, and after I’ve been a tad lackadaisical about updating, […]

Shock shock, horror horror

Talk about entertaining rugby matches. Okay, so we might not have had the “free-flowing champagne” rugby that certain quarters yearn for, but for sheer tension and not knowing what was going to happen this opener to the World Cup was more than sufficient. And 17-12 to Argentina! I’m delighra. Although maybe I shouldn’t be. Will […]

Tonight is the night

As you can see I’ve changed the header because the 2007 RWC kicks off today. I’ve also finally gotten around to adding a link to The Fear of God that’ll stay over there on the right for the duration of the competition.

I was talking to one of the students about Ireland’s chances, and over the course of our conversation we got on to the subject of Croke Park and the IRFU and FAI using the GAA ground. And do you know what he said? That he would never go near Croke Park, that the GAA “shower” would never get any money off him, weren’t they all bigots. That he had no time at all for the GAA. Can you tell where he was from?

But of course, a southside Dubliner:”(yes yes, there are normal southsiders too, but this is such a cliche)”:.

Blah blah blah

Attn:This will be nothing more than a boring whats going on post. No complaining now:, you’ve been warned. Work is loike, mad busy, roight. Full of scrambling[1] about and nagging lecturers[2] to send me their course outlines. And, apart from a few, mainly getting them instead when students come in looking for a book and […]

World Cup 03

So the IRB RWC 2003 is at an end. Okay so the 3rd place play off still has to come, doesn’t it? but in reality the competition is all over. All the pre-match verbal skirmishes came down to these last 80 minutes, or 110 as it turned out to be, after normal time ended in […]

France v England

Well France played England today, and I actually got out of bed before 9 on a Sunday morning to watch a match that Ireland were not involved in. Wish I hadn’t. I really did think that France were a lot better than the way they played, and I don’t like England’s style of play at […]

Ireland v France

Well, we lost against France, and although I think the entire country hoped for more in reality we cannot complain, we were outplayed. I really do think now that France are the team to beat, and would like to see them win the world cup. Not only because it would make us look a little […]