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Wasn’t Sat great?

After we left the RWC and headed home I has to switch and support some other countries. As mentioned, I did the almost unthinkable and cheer [...]


Yeah. So. Optimism… I think I’ll revert to my usual pessimism from now on. [...]

It’s an absolutely appalling rumour and has no foundation whatsoever, In fact, he’s sitting across the table happily eating his dinner as we speak.

It is a bit chilly out this morning. But sunny so far, so its all good, plus, I suppose it is really and truly Autumn now, so I can’t [...]

You can’t put any spin on that performance

Honesty from Eddie O’Sullivan; a shocking game. Not up to par. Etc. My opinion: Holy Fucking Jesus! 32-17! Christ on mother-fucking bi [...]

Shock shock, horror horror

Talk about entertaining rugby matches. Okay, so we might not have had the “free-flowing champagne” rugby that certain quarters y [...]

Tonight is the night

As you can see I've changed the header because the 2007 RWC kicks off today. I've also finally gotten around to adding a link to

Blah blah blah

Attn:This will be nothing more than a boring whats going on post. No complaining now:, you’ve been warned. Work is loike, mad busy, ro [...]

World Cup 03

So the IRB RWC 2003 is at an end. Okay so the 3rd place play off still has to come, doesn’t it? but in reality the competition is all [...]

France v England

Well France played England today, and I actually got out of bed before 9 on a Sunday morning to watch a match that Ireland were not involved [...]
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