Ireland v France

Well, we lost against France, and although I think the entire country hoped for more in reality we cannot complain, we were outplayed. I really do think now that France are the team to beat, and would like to see them win the world cup. Not only because it would make us look a little better than our playing record seems to suggest. If only we could have beaten Australia last week. I do believe that was our great opportunity. We could have, if only that last drop-goal had gone over, if only they had taken the three point option on one of the occasions when they had a penalty. If only, the phrase all losers use. But I would not say that the Irish team are losers, sure they lost but at the same time they achieved so much.
The loss of key figures was just too much I think. If only some of those injuries hadn’t happened, if there had been no broken leg, no dislocated shoulder and no achilles tendon damage…
Oh in case you were wondering I am talking about rugby and the rugby World Cup

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