You can’t put any spin on that performance

9 September 2007

Honesty from Eddie O’Sullivan; a shocking game. Not up to par. Etc.

My opinion: Holy Fucking Jesus! 32-17! Christ on mother-fucking bike![1]


  1. – yes I may be over-reacting, but what was that?

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3 Responses

  1. jean pierre says:

    shit…! yeah.

    these little teams are really coming at the big 'uns strong this year, so you shouldn't feel alone… look at wales and england. even south africa struggled for a while there, there was a period in that game where samoa really looked like threatening an upset.

    but yeah, ireland, like france, will certainly need to do better…

  2. Alan says:

    Well I said it could be an interesting group. What do you reckon, Argentina and Georgia to qualify?

  3. Fence says:

    If it were all the weaker teams coming at all the stronger ones it wouldn't be so bad JP, but the SH teams have been racking up huge scores. Only the "big" NH teams are really suffering. Does this mean that collectively we have slipped down?

    Take that back Alan. We will win the rest of our games, so it'll be Ireland to top the pool and Argentina to face off against NZ. No doubt! (well, maybe a small one)