21 September 2007

Yeah. So. Optimism…

I think I’ll revert to my usual pessimism from now on.

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6 Responses

  1. Could not believe the game last night…. And the scoreline made it look even worse.

  2. Fence says:

    Ah, its a joke. I've always been slightly supportive of "Steady" Eddie but after this world cup performance? Nah, can't do it. I won't go as far as calling him EIEIO, but he has made some horrendous decisions. Why have a bench if you are never going to use them? And putting people on in the 78th minute really doesn't count.

    Good call on putting Reddan in, but why has he never looked for a back-up for ROG? With his current form I'd be on for playing Wallace. Or maybe even giving Humphries a late late call up.

    And he seriously has to re-jig the system he is using. Either that or the senior players have to take it on to ignore his orders because it really isn't working. There are no support runners. People aren't moving onto to take the ball, they are receiving it while stationary and we are totally unable to get "go forward ball".

    I can't fault the commitment of the players after that display, but have they done an England and spent too much time in the gym and not enough on handling skills?

    They all seem to have dropped a few levels. And that makes it so much worse. I don't like it, but amn't as sore, when we have limited players that play and lose and make mistakes, but we all know talented the likes of O'Driscoll and D'Arcy are … But then again, the quality of ball they recieved was abysmal.

  3. ROG's kicking has been off for a while now – 'twas cringeworthy at times. Good call on the Redden switch – he had a good game in fairness (though Best must have been gutted).

  4. Fence says:

    Best or Boss? Boss is the scrum-half with the terrible hair. Course at least one of the Bests also has terrible hair :)

    We just don't have a replacement for ROG though, although it looks like Paul Warwick is doing well for Munster. While he was with Connacht he never really had a chance. So a good move for him, especially if ROG's off-form continues.

  5. Ooops I meant Boss obviously, you're right!

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