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4 September 2007

Attn:This will be nothing more than a boring whats going on post. No complaining now:, you’ve been warned.

Work is loike, mad busy, roight. Full of scrambling[1] about and nagging lecturers[2] to send me their course outlines. And, apart from a few, mainly getting them instead when students come in looking for a book and me going “ooh, can I copy your outline to see what new books I need to order”. Sillies.

That is my excuse for not blogging earlier.

Also, I’m thinking of changing either the template or maybe just the header for the Rugby World Cup[3] I do have a vague template in mind, but it might just be less hassle to get a new header image. Decisions decisions.

In other news this month’s Estella’s revenge is out, so you’ll have plenty to read there.

Was talking to de mudder on the phone. She confused me by telling me they[4] were in Galway moving the brother into his new home. He has to register tomorrow, first year at college.. I was confuddled cause he isn’t going to Galway but to Limerick. But of course what she meant to say was that they had been in Limerick and were now in Galway on their way home. Course he’ll be in Galway as well tmro[5] as he has training. Fingers crossed he doesn’t get lost on the way up :) I rang de mudder cause she had texted me earlier, saying there was post for me. A rugby banner thing that B#4 had opened by mistake[6] A soft package-y thing[7] And a letter that looks like it is something official from Donegal. Donegal? I don’t think I applied for any jobs up in that foreign land, and if I had would I have used the Sligo address? Hmmmm. I suppose we’ll have to wait til she gets back and opens it.

I’ve told her if it is exciting to let me know otherwise I’ll get it whenever I get home. I hope it isn’t something like anthrax[8]


  1. no, not literally
  2. email is a wonderful thing
  3. Have you heard about Paddy Power, now that is marketing
  4. as in the parentals
  5. hopefully after he registers
  6. or so he says. Stealing my post. if I were american Id accuse him of a federal offence
  7. which Id guess is either my free guiness crap or my IRFU Supporter’s Polo
  8. – on account of my plans to take over the world. Dont worry, Ill be the benevolent tyrant sort

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