Tonight is the night


  1. Well that was a turn up for the books wasn't it. So, Argentina to win the group then? Actually if their line-out is as bad against you lot as it was tonight, you shouldn't have too much trouble. Be great if you beat France as well and the Pumas go through in second place though. And I do want Ireland to win the group, but mainly because I'd rather we faced you in the quarters than France in their own back yard.

  2. It is, isn't it James. I'm a big fan of Hickie.

    A turn up and a half Alan. Before the match I wasn't sure who I wanted to win, after all we don't want a backlash from France, but once it started I was cheering on Argentina. I do wish that Contepomi had scored one of those penalties though, you never know how these bonus points are going to effect the group.
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