Tonight is the night

As you can see I’ve changed the header because the 2007 RWC kicks off today. I’ve also finally gotten around to adding a link to The Fear of God that’ll stay over there on the right for the duration of the competition.

I was talking to one of the students about Ireland’s chances, and over the course of our conversation we got on to the subject of Croke Park and the IRFU and FAI using the GAA ground. And do you know what he said? That he would never go near Croke Park, that the GAA “shower” would never get any money off him, weren’t they all bigots. That he had no time at all for the GAA. Can you tell where he was from?

But of course, a southside Dubliner[1]

What an attitude to have. Of course his may be slightly mitigated in that he is a “mature” student and so can remember the days when GAA players weren’t allowed to play other sports. But that is in the past, and holding a grudge against the past is merely what the GAA were doing in the first place. After all it was set up, not primarily as a sporting organisation, but as a cultural one. To restore Irish culture through sport, and other activities. That is why you couldn’t play “foreign games”, because the foreigners had stopped the playing of Irish games.

So, the GAA has gotten rid of its outdated idiot rules lets hold it against them. Can you say “whataboutery”.


  1. – yes yes, there are normal southsiders too, but this is such a cliche

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