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Eclipse [based on the book] by dir. by

Okay, so for those of you who have been wise enough to avoid all the Twilight nonsense, here is a…

I’m Captain François Blaze Martin of the Seablaze. You can call me Blaze.

Sometimes looking at my Statcounter details I’m a little icked out. I mean fanfic is all well and good, but…

Feel The Rhythm

Tonight, is the night, that Brian Kennedy[1] proves once and for all that Ireland will no longer win at Eurovision….

Stealth dir. by

It’s 2001 with added explosions and minus any thought. If you want to reduce Stealth down to basics of course…

Ladder 49 dir. by

So you see firemen and Joaquin Phoenix and you think, hmmm, that’ll be fun. (Or you do if you’re me)….

Naked Empire by

Book 8 in the Sword of Truth series Sometimes you know, people really make me wonder. The Sword of Truth…

Isn’t work weird?

Isn’t it strange what you come across in the course of a day? There I was doing the ILLs when…

SWAT dir. by

The latest offering from Colin Farrell and another film featuring cops. But sadly this is a rubbish film. The dialogue…

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