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The latest offering from Colin Farrell and another film featuring cops. But sadly this is a rubbish film. The dialogue is so cliched that one has to laugh the whole way through, or else walk out in disgust. Luckily I was in the mood for a bit of a no-brainer, otherwise I would have gone to see Wilbur (wants to kill himself), which I am still looking forward too.

Back to the film in question I suppose. The good points: Colin Farrell’s hair. Very nice, as indeed is Colin himself. Also I’m a fan of Michelle Rodriguez, but she gets very little to do, apart from being the token female. LL Cool J gets to be family guy and Samuel L Jackson is the tough sarge who gets the job done but never by the book. The captain is your typical bureaucrat who spews forth clichés- hang on I was supposed to be on the good parts. It is just that there are so few. Hmmm, oh Olivier Martinez is quite entertaining as the over-the-top psycho French international criminal who doesn’t care about anything. Plus his accent is so OTT you have to laugh; “Don’t cry, you can buy new friends” was my favourite line by him.

The direction is pretty crap. I did enjoy the way camcorders and security tape was used to give a sense of being there in the action but it was over done, and the shaky running longside the cops was way too shaky to be useful.

Watchable purely for its OTT French baddie and the acting of Farrell’s eyebrows

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