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18 August 2005

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Fear the SkyIt’s 2001 with added explosions and minus any thought. If you want to reduce Stealth down to basics of course :) Personally I kind of enjoyed it. I went in expecting shite, and I came out having seen shite. But enjoyable shite.

The plot revolves around an experimental AI plane that is being introduced sometime in the near future by the US navy. Only things don’t go according to plan, if they did there wouldn’t be any film now would there? Lucas, Biel and Foxx play the three fantastic pilots who fly around the world, much in the style of Team America only without that classy music. They are told about evil terrorists and off they head to blow them up, not a thought in their heads about the fact that they are violating other countries and if someone did the same to the US all hell would break loose. But lets not try to make this film reasonable. Because if you are looking for logic or thought, well you wouldn’t have gone to see a Rob Cohen film then would you?

As you can see instead of the characters, or the poster for Stealth I’ve used the picture of an explosion. Why? Well because that is what this film is all about. Mindless action. Ultra mindless.

Course fans of 2001: A Space Odyssey may be a little annoyed to find that HAL has been transformed into a killer plane called Edi, but what can you do.

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