Ladder 49 dir. by

28 January 2005

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Rated :

So you see firemen and Joaquin Phoenix and you think, hmmm, that’ll be fun. (Or you do if you’re me). Well it wasn’t. Honestly, yet another crappy film. 2005 has been very mixed so far.

Ladder 49 starts with Phoenix as an experienced firefighter who, in rescuing a worker from a burning building, get trapped inside. The rest of the film tells hs story in flashback, with bits in between detailing his attempts, and those of the other firefighters, to free him.

I guess it isn’t totally rubbish. The scenes in the firehouse, especially the tricks they play on one another are great fun, and never overly predictable. It is just a pity that the rest of the film is so obvious. I mean he meets a girl, falls in love, marries, has kids, fights fires, worries, has friends dies, worries some more. But all in all there is nothing to this film.

And there is a terrible feeling that this film was made because of the attacks on the world trade centre, and because firefighters were such heroes that day. This is especially true of the final scene and the absolutely dire song that is used. It is really horrendous.

Yawning even through fires, not a good sign.

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