Isn’t work weird?

20 April 2004

Isn’t it strange what you come across in the course of a day? There I was doing the ILLs when I saw an intriging article title before me:
“Vacum Cleaner Injury ” of the Penis.

Their quotation marks not mine. Can you guess what the artilce, from 1960 was about?
Yup, fellas trying to obtain “erotic satisfaction” from their hoovers only to result in penile lacerations. The three cases involved a 28 y.o., a 57 y.o. & a 75 y.o. Guess some people never get any sense. My fav quote from the brief article:
“The method of masturbation used by these patients was rather ingenious but had disastrous results.”

No similar cases were found by the authors of the article, must take a look on Pubmed later, see if any more have been written about since then.

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