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11 July 2004

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Book 8 in the Sword of Truth series

Sometimes you know, people really make me wonder.
The Sword of Truth series of books started off fine. Fairly regular “epic fantasy” with an unknown becoming a hero, finding out that he was much more than he thought, and finding a girl to fall in love with as well as destroying evil.

Somewhere along the way it all went wrong, but even now when I look back I see that preaching was always important in these books, it was just kept fairly subtle until later ones.

After all when you think about it, Wizard’s First Rule simply told us that people are stupid. Then we had the “democracy doesn’t work” lecture, then the “socialism is evil” now we have “pacifists are moral cowards” and that “not fighting means you agree with whatever happens to you” that to be weak is to be evil.”

Yet still I read these books, but let me tell you I’ll not be buying any new hardbacks of them and thats for sure.

The story of Naked Empire isn’t all that great, and having a hero that is as in the right as richard really starts to get a bit wearing. So even if it didn’t have all the really political subtext I don’t think I’d be recommending this book. As it is, I suggest you leave this series and read something else.

Basic message seems to be, people are either stupid or evil, therefore need a strong hand to rule them, ie a benevolent dictator. Its the only way to go.

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