the Fantasy of Being Thin is not just about becoming small enough to be perceived as more acceptable. It is about becoming an entirely different person ; one with far more courage, confidence, and luck than the fat you has.

I am totally fed up with a lot of the comments about Mary Harney. I realise that as a politician she is fair game. And as a politician who is in charge of the Health Service at a time when it is scandal after scandal after horrendous error she deserves a hell of a lot of criticism.

Fixity of Tenure, Freedom to Sell and Fair Rent

Yesterday, at lunch I walked by An Roinn Iompair and spotted a very sorry looking tricolour; looking like it had been half blown off the flagpole a few days earlier and not been touched.

It wasn’t until much later, when I was on my way home and spotted the flag outside the court in exactly the same state that it dawned on me. They were simply at half mast, but because there was very little wind they were just hanging there, not blowing.

Evening starts rather earlier in the day in Ireland than it does in British English. Any time after midday is likely to be described as the “evening”, whereas in Britain the evening does not start until about 1700 hrs

Looks like the govmint have come up another genius transport plan. What they intend is to dig up Stephen’s Green. And stick an underground station under it. That’ll be great won’t it? One of the few green spaces closed off, and in all likelihood turned into a big old building site. Luvvly-jubbly. Some other blogs […]

I said the honourable member was a liar it is true and I am sorry for it. The honourable member may place the punctuation where he pleases.

Edited to add my opinion at the end of the post Mary O’Rourke is a Fianna Fáil politician in her 70’s. She has served as Minister for Education in the past and is currently the leader of the Seanad(Senate). Recently she received the party nomination to run in the next election, this after losing her […]

I look forward to watching Willie O’Dea goose-stepping through his first military parade”

Was watching The Panel last night and they brought up the whole Willie O’Dea scandal, and I had been meaning to blog about it last week, but then everyone was joining in so I didn’t bother. But now I think I may as well introduce you all to the Irish Minister for Defence There he […]

What’s left if our freedom is sold?

I usually don’t listen to the radio on the way home from work[1], but because of the attacks in London I did today. Luckily, they aren’t anywhere near the scale of the previous explosions. While listening I heard Matt Cooper talking about some treaty that McDowell has signed, allowing American agents to operate in Ireland. […]