What’s left if our freedom is sold?

21 July 2005

I usually don’t listen to the radio on the way home from work[1], but because of the attacks in London I did today. Luckily, they aren’t anywhere near the scale of the previous explosions. While listening I heard Matt Cooper talking about some treaty that McDowell has signed, allowing American agents to operate in Ireland. The big talking point was whether or not the CIA would be able to question Irish people, in Ireland.

There is a bit of discussion on the topic over at Back Seat Drivers, and at Irish Eyes, and I’d say elsewhere as well.

Course what I now want to know is will the Gardaí get reciprocal rights to act in the States? Somehow I doubt it?

[1] – But I always listen to Ray D’Arcy on the way in. (back)
Oh, and the title is a line from Hey Ronnie Reagan, you can hear a version here (reg req’d), but I prefer the Christy Moore version. Lyrics are here

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5 Responses

  1. The Fool says:

    I wasn't aware of this little factoid Fence. Interesting. How it is that our people always want authority on another country's soil is a mystery to me. It doesn't increase membership in our fan club either.

  2. Fence says:

    Hi Fool, as far as I know it is based on an EU-US treaty, so has been implemented elsewhere, but I don't relly know much of the details.

  3. Is there no where I can go to escape this smirking man' tyranny?

  4. Fence says:

    No. You'll have to go to space, but even there you may not be safe.

  5. The Fool says:

    Jennifer, you can always do what I do and refer to him as Chimpy McWarHardon. It always makes me feel better when I do that. :)