Voting cats. Maybe not.

28 May 2007

So the voting is over, and the counting is over, and bloody FF got in again[1] Friday morning was not a good time to be around de mudder as the meeja were all saying that FF would get in with an overall majority.

Luckily that turned out to be not the case, they’ll still need someone’s help, maybe Labour, maybe the Greens. Who knows.

B #1 voted FF. But everyone else in de family went for the others, and wasn’t there much rejoicing[2] when Michael McDowell wasn’t elected.

Remember when I may possibly have aided and abetted a mouse murder?[3] DSCF0893Well on Sunday I may have done enough to redress the balance. Whiney cat came racing towards the house, pursued by two thrushes and carrying a third in his mouth. We’d’ve ignored the drama outside but then spotted that thrush #3 was still alive. A wee baby bird. Well, not too much of a baby, it had feathers and could flutter a little. So I nabbed the cat and brought him inside while we waited to see if the parents would return. Whiney cat was not at all impressed by this development, and he wanted everyone in the world to know. Whiney doesn’t even come into it, he moaned and demanded to be let out for half an hour, running from one window to the the next and then to the door.

Eventually, as we couldn’t spot the bird we let him out. Can you guess what happened next? Yeah, he caught it again, and once more dragged it towards the house, again being chased by the parentals. So we said we’d give it one more chance. And put up with the non-stop griping from the cat. It may have worked this second time as there was no sign of the bird after that, and on his next trip outside there was plenty of searching but no finding.

Course, one of the neighbouring cats could have got the bird either. But you know, I think we deserve marks for effort.

The cat has now also been collared and belled. Though what difference that’ll make is hard to say.


  1. yes, yes, there is the slightest of slight chances that FG will do it, but realistically speaking it is going to be FF
  2. I had a teeny bit of sympathy for him too, which was surprising
  3. remember?

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2 Responses

  1. Carl V. says:

    Wow, impressive cat!!! Nary a bird safe in that neighborhood!

  2. Fence says:

    Evil, I think you mean Carl :)