In this country of the cute hoor, misleading the Dáil or Seanad is considered little more than a minor stroke

29 June 2007

An asylum seeker who came to Ireland in 2000, Mr Adebari mused that while he was now Portlaoise’s first citizen, he was not yet an Irish citizen.

“Are you telling us you’re not legal,” Mr Aird interrupted, at which the whole public gallery erupted in laughter.

Okay, so on one hand this is good news. But is it really such good news that we have to point it out as though saying see, look, no racism here?

Bloody[1] asylum seekers, coming here, bewitching our electorate, getting voted into office, and where are the brown envelopes huh? Where is the corruption? What, no money for favours? What sort of Irish politician is he? Or maybe he is just too much of a cute hoor to be caught out yet.

And also, a voting pact between Fine Gael and Sinn Fein?

Title nicked from a HIBERNO-ENGLISH archive


  1. I dont NEED the disclaimer that this sentence is not meant seriously, do I?

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