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The BNP in Ireland

The British National Party have recently launched an Irish campaign to “keep Ireland Irish.” :( As if we don’t have enough of that sort of rubbish over here already. According to their website Ireland is now filling up with “Third World immigrants/asylum seekers” yes those are there terms, because obviously none of the non-Irish looking(??) people could possibly have jobs could they? Like nurses and doctors??? Or working in your local shop or take-away?

No Bertie for Sligo

Looks like Bertie aint welcome in Sligo, by Irish the students at least: “As Mr. Ahern arrived at the IT, the students, congregated outside the main entrance and foyer, turned their...

Slanging match

Politicians or just big kids?Paisley and Trimble in Slanging Match. Personally I think Paisley is great craic, but that may be because I don’t have to deal with him, or others...