Wow. Haven’t been paying much attention to the news recently. But this whole picturegate thing has certainly exploded hasn’t it?

For you poor innocent non-Irishers I’ll give a brief recap. Some artist hung two paintings of our glorious leader Brian Cowen in two different galleries in Ireland. Let’s just say they weren’t the most flattering, as you can see below:

hat-tip Damien Mulley

A piece of vaguely amusing satire you might think. Or I might go heh, and then forget about it. Or at least I would’ve done if Mr. Cowen hadn’t had a rather poor reaction.

And now look, RTE have issued an apology, FF have come out with crappy statements, and that red-flag word “censorship” has come out to play. Especially as the Gardaí are now involved. Good god, you’d laugh if it wasn’t so ridiculously terrible.

I’d play along and a caricature of Cown, only it’d be too much for me to look at everytime I visited the blog. Instead I’ll just share the link love.

See the pix on Holy Shmoly ; Damien Mulley ; Adam Maguire ; Gav Reilly ; Twitter updates on #picturegate ; Sharona’s Shambles ; Mamam Poulet ; more to be added as time goes by

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