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  3. Aye JP, very touchy. Especially when you think that it would have been long gone from public thinking if no one had said anything.

    Yup, Cowengate is better, but picturegate has taken off on twitter, so for that reason I'm sticking with it.
    Twitter: ecnef

  4. Hooray for Irish wit, I say. Those paintings seem, to me, to be superb example of contemporary political satire.

    If Mr. Cowen has failed to understand the nature of the matter, I wonder if someone might kindly knock him over the noggin — so to speak, in as well — to pointedly nudge him with a dissertation about the importance of self-critical perspective, in the functioning of an open government.

    He must be taking himself so very seriously, perhaps someone will kindly send him a singing-chicken-o-gram, or somesuch, to lighten his mood… oh but hey, perhaps the Irish government has not had so many, many situations as had the US government, now effecting to the situation that "our people" may have much difficulty in taking our government seriously, at any level (or understanding it, to begin with…)

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