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A retelling of The Goose Girl story. Princess Alyrra has not has a happy life. Growing up in fear of her brother and trying to stay on her m [...]

Galaxy of passion

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Joe Spork is  mild mannered clockmaker. He wns and runs a shop fixing clockwork devices, from clocks to Victorian dirty toys. He doesn̵ [...]

I Sometimes See You Pass Outside My Door | Broadsheet.ie

Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo. I Sometimes See You Pass Outside My Door | Broadsheet.ie. [...]

A town called panic

In a town (or village) called Panic live Indian, Cowboy, and Horse. But Cowboy & Indian have forgotten that it is Horse’s birthda [...]

Neil Gaiman in Russian

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Delusions of gender

How our minds, society, and neurosexism create differences ISBN: 0393068382 ; Quotes I liked Suppose a researcher were to tap you on the sho [...]


ISBN: 9780330531627 ; Bits I especially liked The sea is full of saints. Billy works in the Natural History Museum in London. The book opens [...]

Whip it!

Dir: Drew Barrymore Writ: Shauna Cross, based on her novel

Bliss Cavender works at a typical American diner, under her mother's guidanc [...]

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