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Lord Blackheart is, as you might suspect from the name, an evil villain. The biggest name in supervillainy! and one day a young girl appears outside his lair, she’s intent on being his sidekick. Nothing he can say or do can dissuade her from joining him. Although following his orders might be a little beyond her, and as for his pleas that she kill less people, well, she doesn’t really see the point in being an evil villain if you don’t live up to the description.

NimonaNimona, the girl, is more than she appears. She can shapeshift. An invaluable ally against Goldenloin, Blackheart’s nemesis and the Institute that Blackheart is attempting to bring down.

Okay, so this graphic novel is just plain awesome. I loved it so much!

It starts out fun and light-hearted, and it stays fun, albeit with dark shadings but it has depth and heart and all manner of wonders. To say much more would be to give away the greatness that is Nimona, but if you want a taster go to and read the first three chapters.

Since devouring Nimona I have discovered that Stevenson is also the author of Lumberjanes a comic I have heard many many good rumblings about, so I’ll certainly be investigating that at a later stage.

But if you are looking for a comic with good v evil, with monsters and girls, and possibly girl monsters, with heroes and villains, all with humour and wonderfulness then you should check this one out.

Have I mentioned already that I loved it?

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4 Responses

  1. You did mention it, but feel free to say it once more with feeling – there can’t be enough Nimona love in this world :D
    Ana @ things mean a lot´s last blog post ..The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison

  2. I thought this was fun when I read it a few months back. And I really enjoyed the art style.
    Carl V. Anderson´s last blog post ..“Nutcracker Coup” by Janet Kagan

    • Fence says:

      Hey Carl, I wasn’t too sure about the art style when i first started reading it, but only a few pages in and I loved it.

      Reminded me, in a way, of Adventure Time which I love.