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14 August 2016

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Watch the story of history’s greatest gladiator unfold with graphic violence and the passions of the women that love them. This is Spartacus.
Last week I finally finished watch the whole Spartacus saga. I had watched the first season back when it was on the telly, but had never finished the whole saga. So I needed to rewatch it all before the final season. And man, it is so awesome. SO AWESOME!

Back when I first watched the very first episode I was not impressed. It was a bit rubbish, and seemed a total 300 inspired, blood and tits infused trashy television show. But you always have to give a show a couple of episodes, and I did. And I came to love it so much.

It is so melodramatic and over the top. And yes, there is so much gratuitous violence and sex, but it fits the show. It is a show about war, and slavery, death and power. There is so much more than sex and violence to this show. It is amazing how much is hidden under those splashings of blood across the screen. And yes there is a lot of blood splashing every where. But you know what, this is a story that uses the blood, the violence, and the sex to make you really get to characters. And they are what drive the story and the audience’s engagements with the show.

If you’ve watched the first episode and it never continued I would urge you to give it another go. There is so much to enjoy in it.

It is just so rewarding.

It is about love and brotherhood. About freedom and not-seeing people as people. There are some wonderful lines in it that get to the heart of sexism, racism, and the othering of people. And I loved so many of the character arcs and how they developed over the seasons. Even the bad guys are given the opportunity to develop and grow.

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Seriously, give Spartacus a chance. It just might surprise you.

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