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How many harmless young black men have been injured or killed in modern cities in white countries this year, for the crime of exciting someone else’s racism? Too many, and it must end. Harkaway, Nick, Gnomon (William Heinemann, 2017)

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She must move. Or she must stay put. She must attack or she must escape. It is vitally important that she does something, even if it is nothing. To be surprised by death while dithering is failure. Harkaway, Nick, Gnomon (William Heinemann, 2017)


I loved this book. Loved it. But I am totally aware that this is not a book that everyone will enjoy. It starts out with Inspector Neith investigating a death in custody. Her method of investigation includes reliving the mind of the deceased. And so we are introduced to Diana Hunter, a woman who refused […]

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It was the spring before the vote on our relationship with the European Union, and so I started from what I saw all around me. I imagined that we might lose the vote, despite the obvious absurdity of that outcome. Harkaway, Nick, Gnomon (William Heinemann, 2017)

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I worked as only someone who lives without dependents or lovers can. Harkaway, Nick, Gnomon (William Heinemann, 2017)

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The right to avoid self-incrimination, the right to die, the right to live, the right to freedom from slavery, freedom of conscience and religion, of opinion, and the right not to be tortured ? all these exist as subheadings of that one, simple statement: I am me and I am not yours. Harkaway, Nick, Gnomon […]


Lester Ferris has seen a lot and done a lot in his life. A sergeant in the British Army he has more than served his country, and now he has been sent to the island of Mancreu in preparation for his retirement. It is a former British colony and he is to serve as the […]

Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway


Joe Spork is  mild mannered clockmaker. He wns and runs a shop fixing clockwork devices, from clocks to Victorian dirty toys. He doesn’t make a profit, in fact, he barely scrapes by. But he is determined to be sensible and keep at it, to not be the criminal his father was. Edie Banister is a […]

The gone-away world

ISBN: (Proof: 978043401866) 9780434018420 See also: ; Book Geeks ; Extract A while back there was a comment left on the blog asking if I wanted a copy of The Gone-Away World, and, as I simply haven’t enough books[1] to read I figured why not. It arrived last week just as I finished Achilles […]