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27 January 2018

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I added this book to my TBR pile a whole year ago, when it was rec’d by Kameron Hurley. And then it was one of the books discussed on Fangirl Happy Hour, so I bumped it up the list. I haven’t listened to that episode yet, because I wanted to read the book first.

It is set in the near-ish future, where personal robots are everywhere, genetic engineering is creating new pets, and everything looks good. Although there are far too many dik-diks about, getting in traffic, causing accidents.1 But there are also old gods lurking and new gods rising, and possible sentient bots. The future is about to get real interesting.

I loved this book.

It was just so damn entertaining.

It is different and original, but the world Drayden creates seemed familiar and relatable (that’s not a real word, but I’m using it anyway)) so quickly. Not familiar as in safe, just that you can understand parts of it while going yeah that’s crazy but I can see how it happened.

It hops around, point of view-wise, but in the end I think that all the stories and threads were integrated in a way that worked. Sure, some issues were left unanswered or unexplored, but isn’t that life?

Also, I loved the bots. And the final line… great job.

This is a stand alone novel, but I’d certainly read any sequel, or even another story set in the same ‘verse as this and there is plenty of scope for that.

  1. but they are so adorable how could they really be a problem 

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