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TT #19

On account of the fact that pirates are cool, and that I really enjoyed POTC: AWE I give you this week’s Thursday Thirteen: 13 items o [...]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Surprisingly I liked this. I loved the first, but was bored during the second, so I wasn’t expecting great things from the third in th [...]


In the continuing, on off, saga of fiction prompted by Luna Nina’s Unconscious Mutterings: Brink [...]

Wasting time

So I’m working late tonight, and as it is kinda overtime that I won’t get paid for I’m doing nowt but surfing, and have sp [...]

The fear of god

I didn’t watch the rugby documentary[1] last night. I was watching Medium and the Heroes. And can I just say one little thing to scifi [...]

Voting cats. Maybe not.

So the voting is over, and the counting is over, and bloody FF got in again[1] Friday morning was not a good time to be around de mudder as [...]

Week 225

A day late, but nevertheless, Luna Nina time Dancer :: Intellectual :: Direct :: Tolerate :: Post :: Instinctive:: Brink :: Regain :: Repuls [...]

Rules of Engagement

25 May 2003 The tip-off came [...]

Can’t stop?

I forgot to mention that there will be a Equality Now screening of Serenity in Dublin on June 16th. Details over at [...]
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