Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End dir. by


  1. I thought the opening was pretty dark too, especially for a Disney film which people are obviously taking their kids to, regardless of the rating. And yet it is historically accurate. They did hang pirates, so it is something to discuss with one's kiddos.

    I'm an unabashed Keira fan, especially enjoyed her in Pride and Prejudice. She looked like she gained a bit of weight back for Pirates and didnt look so waifer thin.

  2. Now that I think about it Scott, I'm pretty sure they were open all the time. It is a gift how she manages to do that ;)

    Very dark Carl, if you had little kids. But as you say, accurate. And I agree Knightly didn't look too skinny, not til the end with the kinda samurai-looking outfit on her, it made to waist look teeny tiny.
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  3. Lord Voldemort

    Yes, Keira got to bare her teeth a lot during the fillum; that means she's angry/determined/torn/other. I do think they could have kitted her out with a hat that said "feisty wench" though. And what about the sad attempts to make Orlando Bloom hard and unflappable?

    But I come to praise, not to bury. I don't think I've ever seen a film that looked so good; that was such a feast of sheer spectacle. Some parts were almost visual poetry, like the shot of the starry sky reflected in the sea, that made it look as if the Black Pearl was sailing through the heavens. Nice.

    And, yes, the opening scene was entirely inappropriate for a family film. Also I was annoyed that they didn't show the Harry Potter trailer before the feature, but I can hardly blame the film for that.

    Also have to say, although I am at least ninety per cent hetero, and though he was the evil bastard to end all evil bastards, I thought Lord Beckett (or whatever his name was) was unbearably sexy, in all three films. Am I alone? Yes, probably.

  4. Well, I think JD is a bit of a poser, but Captain Sparrow is definitely someone you'd like to have on your side.

    I liked some parts especially; the bit where they're all pulling guns on each other, then start laughing, then pull them on each other again! Also the little monkey…how could anyone not love the little monkey?

  5. Natasha

    I am a Will Turner lover….and i had a question about the end of the movie….I have had heard two different versions. <spoiler>One is that since Will is the captain of the FD he can only see Elizabeth once every 10 years.

    The other version I heard was that, the 10 year rule only applied to Davy Jones because he wasn't faithful to Tia Dalma(Calypso) and that since Will was faithful, he can now stay with Elizabeth. Just wondering if anyone could clear this up for me…</spoiler>

  6. Chukc

    Am I the only one who noticed the accuracy of some of the flags when they raised the colours during the battle? It did my heart good to see Christopher Moody's Flag among those shown.

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