The fear of god

I didn’t watch the rugby documentary[1] last night. I was watching Medium and the Heroes. And can I just say one little thing to scifi uk? Your ads are the worst, and I will never ever buy the new Tomb Raider game, nor the previous one you advertised, Sparta, or whatever. And why? Because you try and deafen me. Just be glad I’m not in the army or there’d be suing[2] going on[3] .

Medium is a strange mix of telly. In one way it seems kinda relaxed about stuff[4] but on the other hand it seems a bit on the right, politically. You know, with being pro-death penalty and whatnot. But then again, who am I to say you can’t agree with drinking and cussing and be fairly liberal while wanting to kill peoples. It’s all good[5] .

Heroes, as I said before[6] I do like and enjoy. But I don’t really like any of the characters, so I’m a little meh. But it is entertaining and stuff happens[7] and it has Christopher Eccleston[8] in it, even if his character does have a silly name[9] But he is good and grumpy so I likes him. But not a huge amount. And I don’t like cop guy. He’s annoying. I do like Nathan, even if he can be a selfish bastard at times, but he isn’t quite selfish enough to have the “love to hate him” thing going on, and he isn’t “heart of gold” enough to love him. Peter is improving. I didn’t like his do-gooder-ness,[10] but know that he is developing a bit of a backbone its all good. Nikki/Jessica, meh, could do more. The kid is alright, the father a bit of a nothing character so far. Hiro I’m not sure of yet. Claire I do like, and her ebil father.

Almost forgot, the girl, Sara, on last night’s episode[11] of Medium also showed up in an episode of The Inside[12] where she played an evil murdering child. So even though she played a victim here I so didn’t trust her. Evil child.

Anyways, back to the rugby, I have it recorded, but I’m probably going to buy the dvd as it looks more than entertaining, and in a way, better because it recorded the failure to achieve the Grand Slam. I did catch a few seconds and watching the faces of the players as they watched the final few minutes of the France game… excellent telly. And speaking of excellence, did anyone else catch this morning’s Gift Grub[13] ? A day in the life of Paul O’Connell. Genius.


  1. Trailer on YouTube
  2. wikipedia knows everything
  3. tut tut, me being all positive about soldier types recently and now I go and bring this up
  4. drinking. sex. that sorta stuff
  5. unless you are dead. but still, all good. All the time.
  6. here
  7. – we just watched the episode 16- Unexpected
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  9. apologies to all my readers called Claude, but Im not backing down on this
  10. making up words is a gift of mine
  11. IMDb – Coded
  12. now THAT was great telly. Or great downloaded laptopness. Whatever.
  13. – It will be on their podcast at some stage, so Ian said

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