The fear of god


  1. I came across the rugby trailers on YouTube and got my parents to tape it for me. Looking forward to seeing it when I'm back in Ireland. I've also heard a lot about the Heroes series, but here in Switzerland I have to make do with German dubbed Friends repeats. God I love this country.

  2. Harlequin

    No, it's Paramount. And it's barely edited – thinly disguised excuse for showing free porn.

    I remember that murtherin' chile from d'Inside. She gave me the gorram CREEPS. *elaborate shudder*

  3. Paramount, scifi, E4, they're all the same, stations that aren't much watched in our house :) Although scifi has moved into the "favourites" section on account of Heroes and Medium.
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  4. I'm totally with you on Heroes. I have downloaded the whole first season, but so far watched only the first couple of episodes.

    I really try to like it, because in theory I like the concept. And it's a good show (I mean, compared to what's on german tv it is a great show). But so far it hasn't really gripped me yet, although I like most of the characters – more or less.

    Well, maybe it gets better in the next few eps…

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