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Wind will rove

Published in Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine September/October 2017 – read it online Ever since the “blackout” when a virus attacked their database the inhabitants of a generation ship have prioritised a way of keeping their history alive. Whether that is historical events from earth, or specific tunes or re-enactments of popular films, the Memory Project […]

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The sky is everywhere

Lennie is seventeen. Her mother went “exploring” when she was a baby, she lives with the Gran and her uncle Big, and until recently her older sister. But Bailey died suddenly, and now Lennie doesn’t have a sister any more. They were so close, they shared a room, they were always together, chatting sharing their […]

Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys is based on a musical, based on the life of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Their formation, rise to fame, and then their disintegration. Going in to the film I knew nothing about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, but as I heard the songs I did recognise most of them. All […]


Seraphina has lived her life hiding the truth about who she is; a half-dragon. Her mother died in childbirth, and until that moment her father never knew that the woman he loved was a dragon in human form. Interbreeding is reviled, the products of such a relationship are despised abominations, sins made flesh. And so […]

I’m a criminal!

It’s odd, I ended up watching a music documentary last weekend, Some Kind of Monster is documentary about the making of Metallica’s[1] St. Anger album, or at least that is what it was initially supposed to be about. But over the course of creating the album the band went through therapy, rehab, and countless fascinating[2] conversations.

Course that is all beside the point, I only brought it up because there is one scene of all these journalists listening to the album and getting ready to write their articles, and as I watched I couldn’t help but say, “I have no idea how people write about music” I can’t even really discuss what it is I like about a song[3] I mean, yes, you can investigate and analyse the lyrics, but music is much more than that, and I have absolutely no knowledge about the theory of music. I either like it, or I don’t.

But I still found this discussion on metafilter all about Eminem & Rihanna’s Love the way you lie.

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  1. Himself is a fan
  2. despite my total lack of interest in Metallica I actually did enjoy the documentary
  3. In case I am not making sense, this is the point of the whole Metallica documentary mention

Summer in Dublin

Is full of fun. Or so the advertising tells me, and that must be true :) Still I did have fun this weekend. Friday I headed up to see Leonard Cohen play. It was great. Plus Mick Galwey was there. Mick Galwey peoples! Sat didn’t get off to such a good start however. Headed to […]


Thirteen of my favourite songs. Well, 13 that the automatic “highest rated” thingy picks out. So it may not actually be that accurate as I haven’t gotten around to rating all the songs on the mp3player. But whatever ;) Óró Sé Do Bheatha ‘Bhaile – Sinead O’Connor[1] Also was used in The Wind That Shakes […]