I’m a criminal!

It’s odd, I ended up watching a music documentary last weekend, Some Kind of Monster is documentary about the making of Metallica’s[1] St. Anger album, or at least that is what it was initially supposed to be about. But over the course of creating the album the band went through therapy, rehab, and countless fascinating[2] conversations.

Course that is all beside the point, I only brought it up because there is one scene of all these journalists listening to the album and getting ready to write their articles, and as I watched I couldn’t help but say, “I have no idea how people write about music” I can’t even really discuss what it is I like about a song[3] I mean, yes, you can investigate and analyse the lyrics, but music is much more than that, and I have absolutely no knowledge about the theory of music. I either like it, or I don’t.

But I still found this discussion on metafilter all about Eminem & Rihanna’s Love the way you lie.

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  1. Himself is a fan
  2. despite my total lack of interest in Metallica I actually did enjoy the documentary
  3. In case I am not making sense, this is the point of the whole Metallica documentary mention

there must be some taurus

Tis fair cold out today boys[1] Fair cold. Could even have done with a hat, gloves, and a scarf. Guess it really is October now. And autumn[2] or fall. Whatever, I’m all about embracing[3] the multitude of cultures. So happy Eid-ul-Fitr. And yes, that was yesterday[4] but still. Effort here. And of course happy Rosh […]

Trumpets blow

Well. So much for my much heralded return to blogging eh. Still, we can hope for better this week can’t we? There is always hope after all, unless you are busy dying, as whatshisface in that Stephen King film[1] once said. In recent weeks I’ve been adding a fair few feminist blogs to Google Reader[2] […]

You ain’t so bad, you ain’t so bad, you ain’t nothin’. C’mon, champ, hit me in the face! My mom hits harder than you!

I pity the fool who didn’t turn on Sky Two last night, cause that classic movie was on, Rocky III and really, who doesn’t love Rocky. Okay, so I actually only watched the last 30 minutes of it. And I was also internetting at the same time, so maybe watching isn’t really the most accurate […]

Black and white

You all know that I don’t agree with people who see things in black and white. I’m more of a “but what about that shade of grey” over there. And of course I like taking the opposite side, for no good reason. But in the case of Miss D I’m going to say that this […]


Was flicking around and came across an episode of featuring Mr. Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. He was in Sumatra, having a great time with the elephants and occasionally harassing a snake. You can’t watch any of his shows without realising how passionate he was about animals, and what a good time he had, even when […]

Jason Donovan and Russell Crowe!

How could I not have been intrigued[1] by that mix when I saw those names flash up on the screen. I had been flicking while the dinner was on and seeing as there was nothing else on I decided, sure I may as well watch it. It being Blood Oath.

Not a terribly cheery film for a sunny-ish Wednesday afternoon, but interesting. It was made back in 1990[2] and was concerned with the tribunals held on the island of Ambon to investigate the abuse of the Australian POWs held by the Japanese there during WWII.

As a film it was a little slow, and could have done with being sharpened up here and there. However, because of the subject matter it actually worked quite well.

Spoilers below

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  1. okay, so intrigued might be slightly too strong an expression. Mildly interested is possibly more accurate
  2. remember when the 90s were futuristic?

Judging you, judging me

Yesterday at work Bhí cúpla caíllíní ag suigh in front of the desk. Psychology students. And as they were studying they were chatting[1] and got on to discussing suicide.[2] Now I’ve always felt that suicide is something of a selfish act, because lets face it, it is the people left behind who have to deal […]

This is going to be epic

While I was at the kino watching Rocky Balboa they showed a trailer for Danny Boyle’s new film; Sunshine[1] which looks fairly interesting. But what struck me is how music can become so linked to one specific thing that when it is used for another it leaves you scratching your head. Some of you may […]