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Rugby rugby rugby

Yes, once more it is that time of the year. Rugby has returned with a vengeance. The Magners League has […]


In case any of you all were wondering Munster did indeed win the Heineken Cup. Twasn’t a game that’ll please […]

why don’t you throw one over Flannery

Disappeared again for a few days there didn’t I? tut, tut, my bad. But just be glad I’m here at […]

Party time! Excellent

I’d’ve started this post with a Dude-like exclamation, only I did that last time, and I can’t be repeating myself. […]

It’s not our destiny. We’ve got to go out and bloody work for it.

There are moments in sport that will live forever. As a small country we don’t get too many of them, […]

We had dreams and songs to sing

The countdown has begun. And I can honestly say I’m more nervous about this match than any other match/sporting event […]

Sail away with us, on a boat to Wales

EDITED Looking for the Gift Gub Munster Song? Click Here, but is missing the very beginning and was just recorded […]

Upon his knee a pretty wench And on the table a jug of punch

Yes, yes, everything has gone red. I can see that. But I did warn you earlier in the week[1] in […]

Can you be perfect?

More rugby today. The Six Nations may be over, but the European Heineken Cup is just starting to get real […]