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Yes, once more it is that time of the year. Rugby has returned with a vengeance. The Magners League has been on for a few weeks, and now it is the second week of the Heinekin Cup. Course what with not having Sky Sports I don’t get to watch the actual games. But I have […]


In case any of you all were wondering Munster did indeed win the Heineken Cup. Twasn’t a game that’ll please any southern hemisphere types I’m guessing but I don’t care, I’m a fan of forward play. This would be my cue to start moaning about the ELVs and union turning into league, but I’ll resist, […]

Party time! Excellent

I’d’ve started this post with a Dude-like exclamation, only I did that last time, and I can’t be repeating myself. Not for a short while anyway.

I guess Ronan O’Gara was proven totally and utterly correct when he said that Irish teams no longer have to fear English ones. After all, all three of our provinces involved in the Heinekin Cup won their matches, and England only 1 out 6. The French got 4 our of 7. While the Welsh got 3 our of 3. Scotland played 2 and won one[1]
Course on account of the ebilness of capitalism I didn’t get to watch any. I had intended to go down the pub on Sunday to watch Munster. But laziness defeated me. I listened to the Leinster match, and have the highlights recorded. And watched the highlights of the Munster match. Anyone know why RTE don’t just show the entire match?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAll hail Ronan, that was a fantastic last penalty. After missing one from closer in earlier, and faced with that rain, and all that pressure. What can you say but “Dude”[2]

It is also Luna Nina time, and she says:

  1. Stuff ::
  2. Block ::
  3. Ingredient ::
  4. Flagrant ::
  5. Dandruff ::
  6. Betty ::
  7. Tide ::
  8. Judges ::
  9. Take it easy ::
  10. Chef ::

WHile I say
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  1. won one one one.
  2. which is so not repetition because I started the last post with Dude, whereas this is finishing it. See

It’s not our destiny. We’ve got to go out and bloody work for it.

There are moments in sport that will live forever. As a small country we don’t get too many of them, so they are so much more important. Ronnie Delany’s gold medal in the 1956 Olympics. The 1978 defeat of the All Blacks. Sonia O’Sullivan. Ray Houghton, whether against England or Italy. Paul McGrath‘s almost one-man […]

Can you be perfect?

More rugby today. The Six Nations may be over, but the European Heineken Cup is just starting to get real interesting. Three matches today, but I was only paying attention to two[1] Leinster were playing away to Toulouse[2] last year’s winners. And Munster were in Lansdowne Rd to play Perpignan. Both matches were quarter-finals, and […]