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23 October 2006


I’d’ve started this post with a Dude-like exclamation, only I did that last time, and I can’t be repeating myself. Not for a short while anyway.

I guess Ronan O’Gara was proven totally and utterly correct when he said that Irish teams no longer have to fear English ones. After all, all three of our provinces involved in the Heinekin Cup won their matches, and England only 1 out 6. The French got 4 our of 7. While the Welsh got 3 our of 3. Scotland played 2 and won one[1]
Course on account of the ebilness of capitalism I didn’t get to watch any. I had intended to go down the pub on Sunday to watch Munster. But laziness defeated me. I listened to the Leinster match, and have the highlights recorded. And watched the highlights of the Munster match. Anyone know why RTE don’t just show the entire match?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAll hail Ronan, that was a fantastic last penalty. After missing one from closer in earlier, and faced with that rain, and all that pressure. What can you say but “Dude”[2]

It is also Luna Nina time, and she says:

  1. Stuff ::
  2. Block ::
  3. Ingredient ::
  4. Flagrant ::
  5. Dandruff ::
  6. Betty ::
  7. Tide ::
  8. Judges ::
  9. Take it easy ::
  10. Chef ::

WHile I say

  1. Stuff :: and nonsense
  2. Block :: module
  3. Ingredient :: winning
  4. Flagrant :: abuse
  5. Dandruff :: Head and Shoulders
  6. Betty :: Bop
  7. Tide :: waits for no man
  8. Judges :: Simon
  9. Take it easy :: Dude
  10. Chef :: tomato sauce


  1. won one one one.
  2. which is so not repetition because I started the last post with Dude, whereas this is finishing it. See

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9 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Looks like some fine Irish weather there…

    1. Stuff :: your face
    2. Block :: sun
    3. Ingredient :: key
    4. Flagrant :: délit
    5. Dandruff :: say no to it
    6. Betty :: Boop
    7. Tide :: and time
    8. Judges :: contests
    9. Take it easy :: yes, please
    10. Chef :: la recette
    (lots of French, then today)

  2. Carl V. says:

    Stuff :: Magazine
    Block :: head
    Ingredient :: Arsenic
    Flagrant :: foul
    Dandruff :: Shampoo
    Betty :: and Veronica
    Tide :: Crimson
    Judges :: American Idol
    Take it easy :: Slow Ride
    Chef :: South Park

  3. heather anne says:

    Are you singing Wayne's World? Awesome!

  4. Alan says:

    Pah! Heineken Cup! Stupid competition. Didn't want to win it anyway.

    *wanders away mumbling and sulks*

  5. Ann says:

    1. Stuff ::It
    2. Block ::head
    3. Ingredient ::recipe
    4. Flagrant ::disregard
    5. Dandruff ::Shampoo
    6. Betty ::Bright (dry cleaner's near my parents' house)
    7. Tide ::al wave
    8. Judges ::harshly
    9. Take it easy ::The Eagles
    10. Chef ::South Park

    I have to confess, I use the word Dude, in conversation, on a regular basis, without any trace of irony. It's bad enough that my 6 year old niece has mocked me about it.

  6. fence says:

    It does look like lovely Irish weather Anne, only problem is that it is actually in England :)

    Alan, if I was less mature there might now occur some "ha-ha" moments. But then again, it is only the opening weekend, and there is plenty of time for Munster to implode. And Leinster to do their usual inconsistent thing and lose their next match. And Ulster to rue not getting that bonus point. And Connacht to continue their losing ways. (interestingly the spell-check suggests anachronism for Connacht. Weird or wha'?)

    Ann, Dude is a perfectly useful term. I wouldn't say I use it a lot, but sometimes it really is needed.

  7. Harlequin says:

    Stuff :: need more
    Block :: writer's
    Ingredient :: of the offence
    Flagrant :: e delicto
    Dandruff :: head and shoulders
    Betty :: Boo
    Tide :: Spring
    Judges :: bow
    Take it easy :: and if you get it easy, take it twice
    Chef:: chocolate salty balls

  8. Alan says:

    Oh the other three can do anything they like. As long as Leinster start mucking up and soon. I'm going to the game next weekend and I'm not sure who I want to win. If Edinburgh beat Leinster it gives Gloucester a better chance of topping the group. But if Leinster beat Edinburgh it puts us odds on to finish second and hopefully grab a quarter final place that way. So I'm going to be cheering "C'mon…. whoever wins!"

  9. Fence says:

    I dunno, I have a feeling that this year Leinster might go all the way. It'll be tough for them, but they can do wonderful things with very little possession