why don’t you throw one over Flannery

22 May 2008

Disappeared again for a few days there didn’t I? tut, tut, my bad. But just be glad I’m here at all. Cause you know… Nope, can’t come up with an ending for that sentence at all.

Anyways, remember back two years ago I made such a huge fuss about Munster and the Heineken Cup final. You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’d given up on supporting them at all, so little have I written about this season, or indeed last season. But that isn’t the case. The real problem is that since Sky nabbed the rights it is harder to watch the matches. And those highlights packages just aren’t the same.

I did head to the pub for a few, but then you’re in a pub and not really inclined to be blogging. Something to do with alcohol no doubt.

But this weekend is Heineken Cup Final weekend. Munster V Toulouse. And of course Munster are going to win. And of course we’re all supporting them. And of course Gift Grub have done a song for the occasion:

In other random exciting news I’ve just gotten The Wire season 4 in the post. Yay! Now, I need some device to stop time so I can manage to watch it all this weekend and still have time to do other stuff.

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2 Responses

  1. jean pierre says:

    good luck to munster!

    i got season 1 of "the wire" for my birthday and am really looking forward to watching it – not least of all because of ol' dom west.

    we're busy working our way through "homicide" at the moment, which i watched way back when it came out, but which charlotte hasn't seen yet.

    so when we're done with that we're moving onto "the wire"

  2. Fence says:

    I haven't seen Homicide JP, heard good things about it though. It is on the list :)

    Enjoy The Wire, it requires a bit of adjustment getting into it, but once you are there its just great.