Sail away with us, on a boat to Wales

17 May 2006

EDITED Looking for the Gift Gub Munster Song? Click Here, but is missing the very beginning and was just recorded from the radio, so quality might not be the best.

There is this meme doing some of the rounds of the Irish Blog’verse, asking are you an Irish conservative? I’m not doing it cause its all about yes no questions and I don’t do yes no questions. Well, I do when they are the sort that ask do you do yes no questions, and i answer no. But you get the general idea.

I especially don’t answer closed question when they aren’t in fact closed but wide open to interpretation. Are taxes too high for instance. Too high for what? Which taxes? See my confusion set in?

So I’m not joining in the fun. Sides I know what I am; A Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey! Erm. No, that’s not it… Oh yes, a liberal, authoritarian, left-leaning, conservative, cherry-picker. See. Easy.

On to the non-political part of today’s post ;)

Today at lunch I went for a walk.[1] You’d think I’d have gone sometime last week. You know, when it wasn’t raining. But no, almost every other day I just do the 10/15 minute walk to wherever I’m eating and back again. But today, with the rain, I decided it’d be a good day to take a random wander in the opposite direction to the way I always go. I don’t know why.

Still, it is nicer to walk in the park when its raining, less people out enjoying the weather you see. And it isn’t like it was lashing, just a soft rain so I didn’t get soaked or anything.

Maybe I was just in good humour cause Veronica Mars has been greenlighted for a thrid season. Or because Paul O’Connell looks like being fit. Come on, its only a few days to go, you didn’t really expect me to say nothing about the rugby now did you? I was going to link to this morning’s Gift Grub, but for some reason whenever I upload my copied version it comes back with a file error. So I’ll have to wait till after work and see what I can do from home. It was Daniel O’Donnell and Ronan Keating singing a Munster inspired song all about Daniel O’Connell and Donncha O’Dulaing. [2]

I’ll leave you with a letter stolen from today’s Irish Times:

Madam, – Fine Gael, reverting to its Civil War roots, has decided that the teaching of Irish should no longer be “compulsory”.

Yet party leader Enda Kenny has suffered compulsory English throughout his school years (13 years or so), and still offends against its grammar and syntax.

Perhaps it is time for us to admit that the teaching of English (and of mathematics, if many third-level science lecturers are to be believed) has also failed, and to declare that all currently “compulsory” subjects will in future be optional. – Yours, etc,


  1. and I was right not to organise to meet you NM cause at just after 12 I got a call from Minion saying he wouldn’t be in due to illness. So I had to take my lunch early while Minion-eile was still here. See, genius am I
  2. (yeah yeah, you furriners don’t know any of these people (some of you anyways, I tried to footnote this footnote, but it didn’t work ) but that’s funny right.)

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11 Responses

  1. anne says:

    He’s really quite good-looking, that Paul O’Connell person. It’s a wonder Kelly still hasn’t converted to rugby when there’s such incentive about.

  2. NineMoons says:

    That’s a joke, right?

  3. Fence says:

    I don’t know if I’d say good-looking Anne, but he has something alright.

    NM, did you not see him take his shirt off when Ireland played France (I think)?

    Cause that was nice :)

  4. anne says:

    Also, NM, I may have a slightly… shall we say personal, taste.

  5. Alan says:

    I know who Daniel O’Connell was, not sure about the other fella.

    When I first moved to Ireland (back in pre-Euro days) I was showing my mum the money and telling her who the people on the notes were. I told her the one had Daniel O’Connell on it and she replied “oh I like him, he sings such lovely songs.”

  6. NineMoons says:

    I only like the shirt-offiness if the face has summat to recommend it. Praps they were bad photos and if I saw him again I’d think mmmmm. But then I have a deep-seated antipathy to rugby-players so probably not.

    Good way to be anne. Else all the girls would go for the one good-looking Irish man and the rest would suffer enforced celibacy! :-)

  7. Fence says:

    Alan Donncha O’Dulaing is a radio presenter who has been working for 4 decades (I googled to be sure).
    Although I’m not sure about your mother’s taste in music ;)

    NM it isn’t just the way he looks, cause whatshisface Henson has a great body. Its just something about him, helped by his shirtlessness on that occasion.

  8. NineMoons says:

    Oh, SOMETHING. Yeah, I geddit. There’s just something about Paul. If they could bottle it, it’d sell like hot-cakes. Paul O’Connell’s *Something*

  9. Fence says:

    Arra shaddupa yer face :P
    SOMETHING is better than pretty. After all Legolas in LOTR is pretty, but it is Aragorn or Boromir who “has something”
    And Leonardo DiCaprio is pretty, technically speaking.

    And once there is a lack of sperm in the hair, then something is a good thing.

  10. NineMoons says:

    Was being sarky (c’est moi, apres tout) but I know what you mean.

    Maybe if you just said he had a certain je ne said quoi, it would have sounded better. :-)

    I usually get the *something* stuff (there’s *something* about Logan. *Something* that goes beyond the fly-catching gape and the odd hair. The *something* is undoubtedly helped by the Dohring bod, but it’s Logan’s *something* that is more attractive than the sum of Dohring’s looks) but I just don’t really think rugby players are EVER attractive. Praps I’ll change my mind tonight.

  11. Fence says:

    Oi you! No Frenchifing over here. Do you want to to have to pay Anne to translate you? Cause I won’t.

    But yes, it is you. I got that.