The Children of Green Knowe

Green Knowe series #1 Usually Toseland spends the holidays in boarding school, his father and stepmother are in Burma, but on this occasion he is off to spend Christmas with his great-grandmother. He has never met her before, and understandably, is a little nervous about heading off all by himself. He is seven years old […]

Happy New Year!

A little late, perhaps, but it must mean something that I’ve gone to the huge effort of typing that post title? No? I’ve just taken down all the xmas decorations, the place is looking a little bare now, soon I shall polish off the end of the xmas chocolate, maybe tidy the place, and then […]

Nollaig Shona

Feels like its been ages since I wrote anything for this thingymeblog. And this isn’t much of an entry either, just a quick note to say that I’m off home tomorrow, not sure when I’ll be online after Christmas, d’internet is far to slow in Sligo to make it likely that I’ll be posting from […]

Eire has lost its fada

Yeah yeah, tá fhí­os agam gur dúirt mé[1] that I wouldn’t be talking about christmas again for a while, ach then I spotted this great pic over at the Drawn blog and couldn’t resist. It is from Fleet Street Scandal if you wanna go take a look.

I’m a little tired this morning, went out for one drink last night and, as is so usual in these cases, had slightly more than one. Wasn’t terribly late, got home round half one I think, but then was chatting, as you do, to a couple of girls and so did not go to bed at my usual sensible time of somewhere around half 11.

Still, I made it into work and can take any grumpiness[2] out on talking students, so it’s all good.

What isn’t so good is that this week is [fx: big-booming-trailer-type-voice] Budget Week. And while this is obviously important and will impact on my life can I just say now that I don’t care. And I won’t be reading the pages and pages and pages of newspapers devoted to this part of Fianna Fáil’s election campaign. Instead I think I’ll go do the lotto. After all it is tax free, isn’t it?

[cue another random point] Did anyone else catch any of this year’s Toy Show? And if so, is it just me, or is Pat getting even worse at the job? They should fly someone like Jonathan Ross in to do it, he likes toys and gadgets, and while some of his big-breast comments[3] wouldn’t be appropriate for the wains watching, but who cares. He’d be great at showing off pooing dolls and talking robots and whatnot. Pat Kenny on the other hand, not so much with the charisma or enthusiasm or ability to be a human.

And yes, I did catch Dylan Moran[4] on Jonathan’s show over the weekend H. I was actually watching[5] it when your text arrived. And the phone was in d’other seomra and I didn’t get it til I went to bed, and then wasn’t arsed replying cause I figured it was too late. But that is all beside the point. Tá an agallamh available on You tube and cause I like to make things easy[6] for the people who come here it is embedded under the cut.

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  1. I’m not so sure how accurate this Irish is, but then again I don’t really care
  2. not that I’m ever grumpy, of course, but you know, nice to have an outlet if I was
  3. we all know he would make at least 5
  4. or More-Ann as Jonathan says his surname
  5. oh how quickly I abandoned the toy show
  6. or sometimes hard, depends

four, let all the traffic pass you

Did you know that it is less than a month till xmas? Did ya?[1] That’s still a long time though, so you won’t find me adding to the “BUY NOW” mentality that seems to be swarming all over the place. Though if you are looking for amber lights for your tree, well I’m afraid they’ve […]