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6 January 2019

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A better time to read this book would probably be October or November as it is all about winter celebrations. But I’m still glad I read it, even if I’m pretty sure than any ideas I may have picked up will be well out of my head by Christmas 2019.

Unbound books are a crowd-sourced publishing company, and if you join their reading club they send you an ebook once a month, this was their pick for December. Their blurb for Merry Midwinter is

Merry Midwinter is a gentle and warm investigation of winter, which explains why it is important to celebrate the whole season, not just one or two days. It puts into practical terms the physical and spiritual relevance that the solar activity around the Winter Solstice holds for every living thing, and tells us how our most well-known and best-loved Christmas traditions have little or nothing to do with any one religion, but everything to do with the continuation of life and the importance of family and community.

And yes, maybe a little of it is a but new-agey but over all it is a nice easy, gentle read. As the author is from England and lives in Wales it does focus on UK traditions, but she also makes mentions of other traditions and recommends that people find their own Christmas, or midwinter, traditions. That you figure out what makes sense for your family/friends and do that rather than just going along with what is expected.

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