four, let all the traffic pass you

Did you know that it is less than a month till xmas? Did ya?[1] That’s still a long time though, so you won’t find me adding to the “BUY NOW” mentality that seems to be swarming all over the place. Though if you are looking for amber lights for your tree, well I’m afraid they’ve all been used ;) I have ideas for presents, but no actual presents. When I was home the lil sister had made a start on her cards. She 10[2] and already she has her christmas cards. In November! And not even the last week in November[3] What is the world coming to.

This time last year I was laughing at Niall Quinn, Eamonn Dunphy and Roy Keane[4] but this year they’ve made friends and are working together. Keane has even made friends with McCarthy. What is the world coming to when we can’t get our entertainment from footballing spats? What am I supposed to laugh at now?

The evilness of students who continue to chat[5] despite being asked, again and again to shut the hell up? Still, their exams start next week so I’m laughing, or even laffin at them.

Oh, that reminds me, I need ten great, fantastic, fantabulous, superb, *insert superlative descriptor of your own here* songs from 2006 for a mix cd thingy we’re doing at work. All by different artists, suggestions will be welcomed[6] in the comments section.

And seeing as I’m rambling about a variety of topics with no linkage whatsoever between the various subject; has anyone seen Pan’s Labyrinth yet? If not, off you go and watch it. If yes, isn’t it great? I hadn’t intended to go yesterday, but then I spotted a quick mention of it over at Fatmammycat’s and so wandered in[7] Tis great.[8] Bloody and violent and whimsical and fantastical and just plain great. An-mhaith ar fad.


  1. if you know the date then Im guessing your answer is yes
  2. or 11, don’t trouble me for actual specifics
  3. yes, yes, is is now, but it wasn’t then.
  4. see
  5. I’ve been sharpening my claws, a disembowelling incident is imminent
  6. ridicule is a form of welcome
  7. and it was surprisingly packed, many many peoples
  8. Ill stick up a review at some stage

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