four, let all the traffic pass you


  1. Fency, honestly, I have NO problem sharing. I'm taking bids right now. You know, I think everybody's going to get certificates this year… I'm too exhausted even thinking about shopping to do it. I hate being compelled to do anything. It must be the Adam in me, and I'm thinking Tara better kick in pretty soon.

  2. You're still ahead of me, I don't even have any ideas. I keep thinking that if push comes to shove, my family will be getting whatever they have for sale at the local convenience store on Christmas Eve. Or in a vending machine, whichever.

  3. Amazon certificates, hmmm, if only the brothers could use a computer that might be an idea ;)
    Embrace the Adamness Kells, just watch out for an amalgamation of the scooby-gang cause they'll destroy you and all your plans will come to naught.

    LiVEwiRe I'm liking this vending machine idea. And I pass one at the train station on my way home
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  4. Cheers Gerry, I'll take a listen cause I haven't heard either of those before. I do have a few songs by Calexico which I really like.

    Your comment was held for approval, hence the delay, should be sorted now though.
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  5. 'Fraid I can't help with the song thing. Since inheriting a full-time 16-year old stepdaughter I've come to learn my taste in music is not as cool as I thought it was.
    Gift ideas? It's the thought that counts.
    Nah, drink lots of eggnog that way even if they don't like what you get 'em, you simply won't care ;-)

  6. SciFiChick, my mother has decided that she wants work done rather than presents. You know, like painting this room, or putting a roof on the coal bunker. Fun stuff like that. I'm ignoring her suggestion :)

    You'll love Pan's Labyrinth Carl. At least I hope you do.

    Terri, perhaps your daughter has bad taste and you really are the coolest?
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