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2 January 2021

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Murder She Wrote : #11

I’m not quite sure how to start with this one. I mean, Murder She Wrote…

Look, you’ll have to blame Himself as he is slightly obsessed with Murder She Wrote and the sky box is full to bursting with recordings of the tv show. Perfect mindless background telly.

Whatever the reason this is a book that was read. And that’s about the best I can say for it. It makes the TV show look awe-inspiring in comparison. This book is supposedly about a murder that takes place in Cabot Cove over the Christmas, and of course Jessica Fletcher gets roped in to help solve the crime. But there are more descriptions of what Jessica eats, or listens to on the radio, or wears than investigation.

But at the same time, it is sort of comforting, for a murder mystery, and certainly is a not a demanding read. It is what it is and to be honest that’s what I was expecting from it.

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