Wheel of Time

The Gathering Storm

Book 12 of The Wheel of Time
ISBN: 1841491659

You know, I’ve been reading this series since I was in second year in school. Thats what, 1992? ’92 or ’93. Whichever it was, that is a long time to be reading the same story. But I don’t regret a second. Not even the incredible feeling of disappointment after book 10 when I shrieked that “nothing happened”. Because it is a great story, with great characters, and I really do want to get to the end and find out what happens.

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Wheel of Time

Knife of Dreams

Wheel of Time # 11
ISBN: 1841491632

After the last book, where nothing happened I was a little reluctant to start this. But although not a lot happens, some things do. And we can certainly see a lot of forward momentum and arranging for the next book, which is supposed to be the last in the series.

There is really very little point in reviewing this. If you’ve read the previous 10 book in the series then nothing I say will really impact on your decision to read this. And if you haven’t then you really should not start with book 11 of a series. Are you mad?

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Wheel of Time

Crossroads of Twilight

ISBN: 1841491837
Wheel of Time #10

This was a reread for me, I first read it when the hardback was released a few years ago. Sped through it and then said, in disgust, Nothing Happened. But as the newest book in this series came out recently I figured I’d take a skim through in preparation. Lucky I did, as I didn’t remember anything from this book. Apart from the very very end. And I think the reason is that nothing actually happens in this book, apart from one thing. At the end.

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