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23 January 2006

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ISBN: 1841491837
Wheel of Time #10

This was a reread for me, I first read it when the hardback was released a few years ago. Sped through it and then said, in disgust, Nothing Happened. But as the newest book in this series came out recently I figured I’d take a skim through in preparation. Lucky I did, as I didn’t remember anything from this book. Apart from the very very end. And I think the reason is that nothing actually happens in this book, apart from one thing. At the end.

Crossroads of Twilight - Robert Jordan

There is a lot of X going there, and Y preparing for that, and Z recovering from the other. But actual events? Few and far between.

I suppose that is the problem when you write such a long series and have so many major characters, not to mention a multitude of other minor characters. Through in a load of politics and scheming and there is quite a bit of setting up of scenarios.

Obviously, if you haven’t read the others in this series there is no point in picking this one up. If you haven’t enjoyed the others then you won’t enjoy this one. And if you read it after waiting and waiting ages since the previous one you’ll be annoyed at the lack of action and forward movement. However it does make a lot more satisfying reading when you have book 11 there and waiting to be picked up.

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