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29 January 2006

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Wheel of Time # 11
ISBN: 1841491632

After the last book, where nothing happened I was a little reluctant to start this. But although not a lot happens, some things do. And we can certainly see a lot of forward momentum and arranging for the next book, which is supposed to be the last in the series.

There is really very little point in reviewing this. If you’ve read the previous 10 book in the series then nothing I say will really impact on your decision to read this. And if you haven’t then you really should not start with book 11 of a series. Are you mad?

The gathering storm - Robert Jordan

So plenty of set up and arranging of the characters in various places and situations, but on the whole not a lot of plot. If you have enjoyed the previous books you will like this. More of the same. However, if it has been a while since you read any of the others in the series I would suggest a rereading, at least of the previous title.

Overall I can’t give away too many details, spoilers people, but I will say that it is a return to the much more readable books. All the major characters get a chapter, although with so many obviously many don’t get much more than this. One issue with the book was Elayne and her mood swings. But she has always been a slightly annoying character so I suppose this is in-character for her.

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