5 September 2017

Last month I only read four books, but one of them was Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell which probably counts as at least 3 regular -sized books. The others were All Systems Red, Wyrd Sisters, and The last family in England. And I was going to be all “book of the month” and pick one of them to recommend, but looking through them I’m hard put to pick just one.1

So no favourite in August, sorry. You should read them all.

Film-wise I saw three films in the cinema: Dunkirk, Atomic Blonde, and The Dark Tower. There is no competition here. Dunkirk was superb.

Telly-wise, Game of Thrones was obviously awesome. I’m also rewatching the last season of BoJack Horseman before the new season begins. It is so wonderful. I also finished season one of The Killing which was really good, although possibly there were too many false trails… I also watched The Defenders, and it was fine. But not more than that.

Out of them all I’m going to recommend you watch BoJack, because, lets face it, anyone interested is already watching GOT.

  1. this is always my problem. I have no favourites, or more accurately, all are my favourite 

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