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16 August 2017

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The Murderbot diaries : 1 – Read an extract.

Way back in January Kameron Hurley posted about a list of books that she had preordered, and this one sounded just awesome. I mean, the series is called The Murderbot Diaries. That was pretty much enough for me to pre-order it, especially as it is a novella and so wasn’t a huge investment, of time or money.

And then the usual happened, and it came out and magically appeared on my kindle and I didn’t read it. But others did, and the word seemed to be good. So eventually I picked it up, and I have to agree with the positive word, because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And for such a short book it sure does pack a lot in, you have robots, self-determinism, sabotage, aspects of a thriller, military sci-fi, what makes a person, anxiety, and, of course, murdering thoughts. Our narrator does describe themselves1 as a Murderbot afterall, not out loud of course, but to themselves.

I really loved the narrator’s voice, so disinterested and yet anxious and snarky all at the same time. I’m really looking forward to reading more in this series.

And I loved the ending, which I’ll say nothing about, because, you know spoilers darling.

  1. while reading I thought of Murderbot as female, but I’m pretty sure that as a bot they don’t identify as such 

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