Atomic Blonde [based on the book] by , dir. by

12 August 2017

Cast: , , ,
Setting: ,
Rated :

I really wanted to love this film. It has Charlize Theron kicking ass and looking awesome. Its got cool action scenes.

Unfortunately it just isn’t a great film, it isn’t even a very good one. It is an average enough film that goes on too long and only does what loads of other films have all ready done. It is a tired film in many ways.

Such a disappointment as it looks brilliant. And I loved that it had a female action star giving beatings and taking beatings that felt real, or as real as any beating in a film. And that it showed her bruises and the aftermath, and not just a fetching looking bruise, but wounds that let you know she hurt.

But the story line was pants. And by the end I was a tad bored.


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