The Dark Tower [based on the books] by dir. by

21 August 2017

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Many years ago I read the first book in the Stephen King series which inspired this film. I guess the fact that I never read any more in the series says enough of what I thought about the book. But I was confused when I saw the trailer for The Dark Tower and it looked like a portal fantasy, because I didn’t remember any of that from The Gunslinger. Someone then told me that this wasn’t an adaptation however but an “inspired by” sort of a film.

That should have been all the warning I needed.

Look, it just isn’t very good. It is, in fact, quite boring. And for a film that stars Idris Elba and Katheryn Winnick1 that is almost an achievement. Of course Winnick’s role is that of “concerned mother” and Elba does all he can, but it is the story itself that ruins this film. It just doesn’t work. On any level.

  1. Lagertha in Vikings. I love her 

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