The Mutant Chronicles dir. by


  1. I still say go watch it. Just expect crap and you'll have agreat time. Cause Thomas Jane! No story, no characters, no sense. But Thomas Jane! And it looks cool. Drink enough vodka and it just may be the very bestest film ever ;)
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  2. Harlequin

    Ah, Thomas Jane. God, I love that man. Any crap film I've ever seen with him in it (I'm specifically thinking Dreamcatchers here…) has been improved by his magnificence. He's my favourite thoughtful action hero. Sigh. Swoon. (repeat as needed)

  3. Harlequin

    But if the occasion called for it, he is capable of thinking. So it's ok. :-) God, I must rewatch him in Deep Blue Sea. Where he not only out-thinks the mad scientists and the genetically modified sharks, he also does that thing with the ladder hanging over the water and him hanging on with his legs and pulling himself back up with the aid of his rock-hard abs. While wearing a wetsuit.



    And so forth.

  4. haha! i rather fancied watching this too, for the same reasons, and like you i have quite a high tolerance for this sort of thing.

    thanks for the recommended viewing procedure… i think i'll be following that advice! ;)

  5. Harlequin

    Swooning could actually be a healthy thing to do – you need to get horizontal to get the blood flowing properly again, so the body makes you faint to make it happen. S'why people faint when forced to stand for hours on trains or in parades. Maybe. It's called the Central Ischaemic Response.

    Plus, I like getting weak at the knees over Thomas Jane. And Hugh Jackman. No-one else is making me weak these days. Sigh.

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