Mount TBR – December 2016

19 December 2016

Since last month I’ve added the following books to Mount TBR :

  • Weatherford, Jack – Genghis Khan and the Quest for God: How the World’s Greatest Conqueror Gave Us Religious Freedom recc’d by Beth Fish Reads Genghis was many things: warrior, husband, father, and ruler. He was also a seeker of spiritual wisdom. He talked with religious leaders of many faiths, including Judaism, Sufi, Islam, Catholism, and Buddhism. He made religious tolerance a mainstay of his empire, and his ideas reached into the centuries, influencing people like Thomas Jefferson”
  • Jones, Sadie – The Outcast rec’d by Helen Lowe its strength and focus is the indepth exploration of its characters and their motivations
  • Jones, Heather Rose – Daughter of Mystery rec’d by Renay Gwendoline Christie, glammed up, but also wielding a sword
  • Griffith, Nicola – Ammonite rec’d by Jessamyn on Metafilter
  • Shepherd, Megan – The Secret Horses of Briar Hill rec’d by Maggie Stiefvater Sometimes a book feels like it has always existed. It’s not that it’s predictable nor unadventurous, merely that you can’t shake the feeling as you turn pages that it is familiar — you’ve read it before or just known that it existed for so long that it feels as if you had.

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  1. Kailana says:

    Good looking pile of books like always. :)
    Kailana´s last blog post ..Week in Review – Week 51