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15 September 2003

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A great film. Found it really funny, and despite the fact that it is a very Irish film there is not a bit of Oirishness to it.

The plot revolves around two lads who work in the local warehouse type shop. One has no love life at all, the other has recently broken up with his girlfriend, and she is now dating a bank manager.
There is also a side plot about a Garda, played wonderfully by Colm Meaney and his desire to get on TV. But then again it is almost impossible to summarise as there are so many different stories and characters in this film, many recognisable to any watcher of RTE. Not sure whether that is a good or bad thing, but then again I suppose everyone has to start somewhere

The opening scene features a violent Colin Farrell, but the film itself is just plain funny. It is made by the cast, but the script is good too.

Good funny film, slightly dark in places

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