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18 October 2008

I can’t remember the last time I did a meme, but I stumbled across this one over here and figured why not.

    Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST MOST AMUSING OR STRANGE definition it gives you

  1. Online Name: Fence
    – Intense : Comes from shortening the phrase “Intense like an electric fence.”
  2. Age: 29
    – Bi-sexual or likeing both sexes (sorry, had to meet the word min)
    on the numeric keyboard: 1-a 2-b 3-c 4-d 5-e 6-f 7-g 8-h 9-i so 29 becomes bi
  3. One of your friends: Harlequin
    – The old medieval term used for English longbowmen meaning: The devils kin, or spawn of satan.
  4. What should you be doing: Nothing
    – Nothing was once questioned by a great mind. Is it the “prescense of abscence or the abscense of prescense”? Furthermore, what is the sound of one hand clapping? What is out there in the universe, at what makes up those vast spaces of abscense? (or prescense of abscense)

    Nothing, put simply, is the deepest, shallowest, brightest, darkest, widest, thinnest, and incomprehensibly empty emptyness, so empty that it is only prevented from collapsing upon itself because there is no substance to collapsae in upon, or no substance to do the collapsing, or even any substance to think or daydream about collapsing upon abscense of prescense or prescense of abscense, which is still utterly and completely absent of form and shape and mass and prescense that is abscent from the existance of anything. In short, nothing is the total, absolute, final, and complete spot that is both positive and negative, young and old, and to sum it all up the opposite of everything in existance, for there is no existance in nothingness. It has even been thought that nothingness itself doesn’t even exist, and that the existance of nothingness is so impossibly ludicrous and isnane that if anyone were to actually realize or see nothingness, the entirety of the expanse of the Everything would simply vaporize, leaving even more nothingness in its place.

    Nothingness is nothing, to put it simply. (really, this time)
    Nothingness has only been explained correctly by Zen Buddhists:

  5. Favourite colour: Red
    – Red is a nickname given to red-headed females by strangers walking by. Its supposed to be a term of endearment, but I don’t quite understand it. Having red hair, I have been called Red many times by strangers. If I were to say “Nada Brown (or Blonde, or Black, or Grey), whad up wit you?”, that would be insulting. So why is it ok to call me Red?
    “Yo Red, whad up?”
    “Hey Red, happy new year.”
    “Sup Red?”
  6. Your birthplace: Dublin
    – Although the capital city of Ireland; most of it’s D4, Blackrock, Castleknock inhabitants and Trinity Alumini wish that it was part of Britain and like to think that they are superior to those that are from “the sticks” (i.e. anywhere that’s not D4 and Castleknock).
    Dublin is full of west Brit wankers.
  7. Last person you talked to: Himself
    – an irish reference to the male head of the household. a notch below himself is “that other fellow.” even lower is “that thing over there.”
    so where the hell is himself tonight?
  8. Last thing you had to drink: Tea
    – The Elixir of life. No greater destiny can be known by any leaf than this: that it should lay down its life as an infusion.
    The British nation consumes a larger volume of water each day in tea than in every other domestic soft drink put together, including drinking water straight.
    When they say we are a nation of tea drinkers, they’re not taking the pee. (Although thanks to the diuretic properties of tea, shortly afterwards, most of us are.)
    Brit 1: Fancy a cuppa?
    Brit 2: Erm, what time is it?
    Brit 1: 11:15.
    Brit 2: Give me five minutes, I’ve just got to pee out the 10:30.

    Brit 2: Bring it on. Milk, two sugars, and put it in a mug, not one of those girlie cups on saucers. Think Man Tea.
  9. Your nickname: Dee
    – 1. To be awesome.
    2. To only be awesome.
    3. This application can’t understand that Dee only means one thing, hence it sucks at it’s understanding factor.
    Person 1: Hey do you know Dee?

    Person 2: Yeah, she’s so awesome! I wish I was awesome!

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