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9 September 2008

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This film is so very wrong in so many ways. It has, as heroes, two adult men who live at home with their single parents, taking no responsibility for their lives, scrounging, and behaving like immature obnoxious 12 year olds. And that is a flattering description.

But it is also hilarious.

Honestly, I think I almost died laughing so much at parts of this film. Ferrell and Reilly could be 12 year olds, the way they act in this film. Unreasonable, annoying, smack ’em up side the head 12 year old boys. Because they really are obnoxious. I can’t say that often enough. Obnoxious and horrid[1]

And don’t get me started on the role women play in this film. Only there to fulfil a part in a male fantasy.

Still, I laughed. I laughed hard! and it was good. I’d even watch it again. If only for the funniest attempted murder scene ever made. Funniest burial scene anyways.

One day my father just said, “Goddamn it, you’re seventeen, stop being a fucking dinosaur and get a job!”


  1. – I do love the word horrid, dont you. Although you do need to say it in a snooty manner, with a slightly upper class English accent to get its full effect

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1 Response

  1. Carl V. says:

    I have to admit that I often like these very 'wrong' shows. I'm glad to hear that this one is funny as the trailers looked really good to me. I'll be checking this out on DVD one of these days!