White House Down dir. by

15 September 2013

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Comparisons with Olympus has falle are pretty inescapable. Both feature attacks on the White House, with one armed agent saving the president. Both also feature a heap of blowing stuff up. I saw Olympus but didn’t review it. If I had to chose between the two then I think that White House Down is the easy winner. It’s just plain fun. Foxx and Tatum have great buddy chemistry going on, and even the “tugging at the heartstrings” daughter in peril storyline was more effective than annoying.

For those who are fans of explosions and fights, I woluld think that Olympus is slightly more in line with you tastes. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of action scenes here, there are. Stuff blows up stuff explodes. Fights are had, but it isn’t as macho-macho-testosterone-filled as Butler was on his run around the White House. This one has a bit more character and humour to go along with the action scenes.

I mainly went to see this one because my local cinema isn’t showing Riddick yes :( and nothing else seemed remotely appealing. I’d still have preferred to see Riddick, because Vin Diesel, duh! but at the same time this wasn’t a waste of my money.

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  1. Harlequin says:

    I still haven't seen Riddick yet because of Helen O'Hara. I will see it – I just wanted some distance first. Anyway, point is, I'm willing to hold off if you foresee any possibility of a trip up here in the next few weeks so we can see it together, Diesel fanclub style! :-)