Rome 2.10 De Parte Vostro dir. by


  1. mcicioni

    Your comments are terrific! Witty, articulate, sensible. As I re-read them, I will try to respond to some specific points you make.

    Since I live in Australia (where Season 2 was never shown) I have had to (a) buy DVDs of both seasons (b) make my way among assorted descriptions/ spoilers/ debates/ fan fiction stories.

    Would it be too much to ask if you have ever written any Rome fan fiction?

  2. Hi mcicioni, welcome to Susan hated Literature, with compliments like that you'll always be welcome here :)

    Avoiding spoilers can be troublesome, I had the same problem waiting for the BBC to show it, avoiding all the US sites and spoilers. But luckily they did show it, I'd've hated having to wait for the dvd release. It is worth the wait though.

    As for the fanfic question, I haven't even read any Rome stories, I've gotten out of the habit of reading fanfics, I must take a gander when I have the time.
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